barbara sweeney_photo credit michael agzarian

Barbara Sweeney is our MC for Destination Food 2018

Barbara Sweeney’s destination has always been food. As the editor of Cheap Eats in Sydney – the leading restaurant guide of its day – Barbara and her team ate their way through Sydney’s ever-expanding restaurant scene. As regional editor of TheGood Food Guide, her explorations expanded state wide and writing about food for Country Style magazine takes her all over the country to interview farmers, chefs and food producers.

Since 2012, Barbara has presented the annual Food & Words writers’ festival. She also runs Talking Cookbook, an Agony Aunt service for cooks and would-be cooks that is about encouraging people to cook.

Barbara is a keen cook who devours more cookbooks that she can possibly digest and is a judge with the National Honey Show. She has worked with a Sydney asylum-seeker community kitchen project, on the Sydney Morning Herald’sWorld Chef Showcase, served on the food team of TEDxSydney, owned a small country café and presented food segments on TV and radio. She likes to talk about food – a lot.